About Us

SQUAVA is a Financial Intelligence Software designed for professional service firms. It was built by Civil Engineering firm business owners who know how important it is to have access to software that can answer tough questions like – do I need to hire, when should I hire, do I have enough work, and which jobs make money.

Our Story

We began developing SQUAVA to address many of our own needs and desires as we built and grew a successful engineering firm over the last 11 years from 2 to 40+ employees. Since we began working in the professional service industry over 18 years ago, we long felt that business management software should be smart, simple, intuitive… and affordable – attributes none of the products we used or investigated exhibited.

Consequently, our motivation to develop SQUAVA was inspired by the lack of truly good business management solutions available to smaller professional services firms. More specifically, a software genuinely built for smaller businesses with the necessary features and intelligence to help simplify the interests and many responsibilities of a small-business owner. We’ve lived this; we understand this. We set out with our goal to develop a more simple, useful, and intelligent solution to managing a professional service business. To us, this meant a software with powerful features organized into smart workflows that emulate regular business activities; something we have yet to see done well.

Our success in building a professional engineering firm has largely resulted from closely monitoring what was out ahead of us – our horizon. We’ve learned the importance of having the right information at critical decision points and have built a software focused on providing that guidance. We also understand the workflows of a professional service firm’s operation, and we have taken extensive efforts to solve the problems inherent to this industry that most solutions just ignore – this has been no small feat.

SQUAVA is built by business owners… for business owners. Professionals will want to use SQUAVA knowing that it is built specifically for their needs… and wants. It’s built for you!

What Our Customers Think About SQUAVA

We are elated when we hear great things about our product and our service.

“SQUAVA’s invoice process is phenomenal! My time spent invoicing has gone from days to minutes – saving me at least 75% of the time it previously took to create invoices each month!”

Mel B. – Avenue Consultants

“It took my team all of three minutes to change systems and they would never go back.

I’ve been a small business owner for 13 years. We are consultants and we “sell” our time and expertise. In the past, I used a combination of separate tools for timesheets, management, invoicing, budgeting, proposals, and forecasting. I considered custom and semi-custom solutions to bring some of the tools together, but nothing was right. Software products were either too expensive to justify, too clunky and time-consuming to use, or both!

When I initially considered SQUAVA, I didn’t understand it’s potential. I was so happy to have time keeping and invoicing working great in one software. I quickly realized the host of other benefits I got in budgeting, managing, revenue forecasting, and staff productivity tracking. I was enamored with the information and layout of the invoice process (and I should be, it’s fantastic!). I continue to find insight in the way they’ve built SQUAVA – it’s great!”

Ben H. – Vandelay Industries

“I am an independent consulting engineer and business owner. I struggled with finding a reliable financial management software for my business. I tried spreadsheets and other software which was very cumbersome and inefficient. I was introduced to SQUAVA and have been using it for several months. I really like the software and find that it fits my needs very well. Customer service is great! I know I will receive prompt responses to my questions or suggestions. I highly recommend SQUAVA and find it very intuitive and simple to use.”

Ron C. – Clegg Consult

“I love the structure that SQUAVA provides for my accounting efforts. So far, it has saved me from missing out on hundreds of dollars of billings. It helps me capture all of my billable time and assures that I don’t forget to bill any of it. I don’t have to worry about overlooking or forgetting to send an invoice – to me that is invaluable.”

Jason T. – JT Engineering

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