Financial Intelligence for Firms

Simple, smart, and intuitive online time tracking, management, invoicing, accounting, and forecasting software for your professional service firm.

“This is significant! SQUAVA is the only software we’ve seen that really understands the nuances and challenges involved in tracking and billing time."


“SQUAVA’s invoice process is phenomenal! My time spent invoicing has gone from days to minutes – saving me over 75% of the time it previously took to create invoices each month!”

Mel B. – Avenue Consultants

"It took my team all of three minutes to change systems and they would never go back. I was enamored with the information and layout of the invoice process (and I should be, it's fantastic!)."

Ben H. – Vandelay Industries

"I struggled to find a reliable financial management software. I tried spreadsheets and other software which was very cumbersome and inefficient. I highly recommend SQUAVA and find it very simple and intuitive to use. SQUAVA Customer Service is great!"

Ron C. – Clegg Consult

Work Smarter & Faster

SQUAVA brings all your critical business operations into one simple, out-of-the-box software. We’ve improved the way you track time, track and manage projects, invoice, and manage your financials. Our smart workflows expedite the day-to-day tasks so you can focus on your work that makes you money. Save time and money!

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  • check Intelligent Time Tracking
  • check Visual Project Management
  • check Automated Invoices

Know How to be Profitable

SQUAVA provides you financial intelligence about your projects and business. We show you specific financial information about your people and projects to help you know how to be more profitable. It’s extremely powerful to have immediate access to project profitability and employee chargeability to better understand true overhead costs. Start making more money!

  • check Real-time Project Profitability
  • check Real-time Employee Performance
  • check Full Accounting Suite
  • check Know Your Real Overhead

Grow Your Business

SQUAVA focuses on your work and opportunities ahead with real-time project forecasting so you’re prepared to make time-critical decisions to grow. Answer questions like – When should I hire? When do I need more work? What bills should I put off to maintain a safe cash balance? See the future! It’s powerful!

  • check Project Pipeline
  • check Real-time Project Forecasting – Backlog
  • check Real-time Cash Flow

See What’s Ahead

With so many features in a business management software, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important. Most softwares focus on storing and reporting your past information, but SQUAVA is focused on helping you stay focused on what’s ahead. This vision will help you make better, proactive decisions to grow a profitable and healthy firm.

  • check Real-time Backlog Report
  • check Real-time Cash Flow
  • check Real-time Project Profit
  • check Visual Project Management

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Why You’ll Love SQUAVA

We built an online, out-of-the-box software to more easily and intelligently run your professional firm. We’ve taken our best lessons-learned from building our own successful engineering firm and designed features, intelligence, and workflows that we felt would help more firms be successful. It’s amazing!

Automated Invoicing

SQUAVA automates your invoicing process unlike ever before! Draft, review, modify, and finalize invoices in seconds. Using SQUAVA will save your firm over 75% of the time and expense to invoice each month. It’s amazing!

Real-time Backlog

SQUAVA provides you a live backlog report with the click of a button. It’s one of the most important reports to your firm to show you what’s ahead. SQUAVA will help you answer hard questions like – When should you hire? When do you need work? SQUAVA shows you. It’s phenomenal!

Real-time Cash Flow

Your business thrives on cash flow. SQUAVA provides you real-time widgets in the places you make decisions. Unlike other softwares that just track the past, SQUAVA keeps you looking months ahead to how much money is coming and going. With SQUAVA, you’ll better know what bills to pay… and when. It’s how it should be!


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